Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flood Pants, Gorgeous Shoes and Letting Go

I effing hate the pant industry. It's like nobody over 5'7 is allowed to wear pants. I hate shopping for pants. Shopping for dresses: love it. Shopping for shirts: delicious. Shopping for skirts, shoes (ohmygodshoes), purses (orgasm), jewelery, coffee, food: Where do I sign up? Pants: How 'bout instead I gnaw off my right arm? This rant started off because of work. Work has a special relationship with certain clothing company. Certain clothing company gives us (employees) our uniforms. Certain clothing company thinks that Work will not hire anyone with a 35'' inseam or higher. So I, Miss Sasquatch, am left with waiting for the flood. So Boss says "go find some pants yourself" I would rather not wear pants however that may not fly with Work. So madre and I hit up JCPennys to look for some khaki pants (since I quit working at Walmart like 2 years ago, khakis make me want to vomit but since I'm being paid to wear them...I complain not.). JCPenny's also thinks that no one over 5'7 exists and sends Miss Sasquatch on her way with baggy slightly short fugly khaki pants. I feel like a fat flight attendant. But I digress.
Petite people and Plus Size people freak out about their limited "apparel selection". YOU HAVE YOUR OWN DAMN SECTION IN EVERY EFFIN DEPARTMENT STORE!!! You see the "women" section. You see the "petite" section. Do you see "Gangly Tall People With No Booty" section? No sir you don't. And if I hit the jackpot and find the perfect pair of pants I have to practically sign my first born over to afford them. I love being tall, I love wearing heels and being tall. I EMBRACE the fact that in large crowds I can find the holes to navigate through them faster. I LOVE my long mile long legs and how they look in shorts. It's taken years to finally say "Hell yeah I'm tall and I love it biotches!" I would even date a guy a weeeeeee bit shorter than me. But not too much shorter.
On to my next topic. I have decided (kinda) that I am going into the wrong field. Really. I decided this when I went on my bi-weekly visit to Kohls to see my GORGEOUS Elle Enchant Platform Heels in Coral. I love them. I dream about them. I can't afford them. So like a mother who can't afford her children I go visit them. I try them on. and admire them. They look good on me. I walk around the shoe department in them. Shooting people dirty looks when they look at me like I'm a lunatic because I have been trying on the same pair of shoes for 20 minutes (don't judge me people). I will have these shoes one day by the way. They will be mine. Or my heart might just snap in half. Anywhos. So while on my bi-weekly visit to see my Carrie and Samantha (because Carrie and Samantha from Sex and the City would TOTALLY love these shoes) I realized...I am the biggest girl. Not big as in full figured but as in personality wise. Anyone comes near me dirty or smelly I will squeal. Kinda. When I was looking at the different uniforms they have in law enforcement I kept thinking "Omygod so unflattering." I had this Angelina Jolie in Salt (which she is pretty damn delicious in btw) mentality about law enforcement when in fact, it's nothing like it. I find this realization quite annoying. I seem to change my career choice and my college major more often than Lindsay Lohan changes her jail sentences. And I feel like a total loser when I tell people about it. When I told my mom I thought I was going to toss my cookies. She may have not said it, but what I heard coming from her was: "You are a loser. You are like a 7 year old child. I swear I didn't give you paint chips to eat when you were a child. How did you get to be such a loser?" That is what I hear from everybody. I won't even tell some people just for the sake that they don't laugh at me and say "Ahhhhhhh...Well I expect it from Arielle." So I started doing some thinking...out of the jobs that I have had what one did I love the most? Macy's hands down all the way. I loved retail. I loved being around clothes. OK so maybe retail management would be good. Alrighty now, what am I good at? Selling stuff, making up lame jingles, Creating events, planning shtuff. So maybe PR or Marketing or Advertising? I am also amazing at buying stuff as weel but seeing as there really isn't a job where you get paid to buy shoes I kinda have to cross that one off the list. So right now it's Business. With either a Marketing or Retail or Media emphasis on it. But I am determined to find my place in the world. This blog is called Fingerprints RIGHT?! So I will find my place to leave my fingerprints DAMMIT!
Moving on to something bittersweet. Today I realized it is time to let someone go. The saying goes "when you love someone you let them go" right? Well the person has been like a sister to me. But now I see that it's time to let her and her time go to someone else. I was so used to the two of us being single together. But now she has a BF and she needs to be with him I guess. I went to see her for a little bit and I haven't seen her in over a week which is rare for us. And even though I had about 2 hours to hang out with her. She spent 30 minutes of it outside with her boyfriend. Which was kiiiinda like a slap in the face. My thought is: If he's there alllllll the time and I'm there for 2 hours and haven't seen you for a week, can't you unglue yourself from his hip and chill with me for a bit? This thing happens to me all the time. So I'm used to it. But I guess I thought it would be different this time around. Maybe I'm the only person with the idea of "chicks before dicks". I have always put my friends before any guy. I would never ever leave my friend in the dust. Yet every time I'm the one left making friends with the tumbleweed. To me guys may come and go but your friends are always going to have your back. So for right now I'll leave my friend alone with her guy and when she needs me she can call me and I will be there. It's crazy to think that a month ago we were bff's and inseparable but today it was like talking to a stranger. Maybe I'm just not used to change. I'm really happy that she found a guy and they are happy together. But I feel that she's half of two not one person anymore. And maybe I'm just not used to it yet and one day I will be and this whole thing will be silly to me. OH wells. Holy pooper its 3:21 am I need to get to bed. Goodnight everyone. And good night Samantha and Carrie. I will see you two soon!

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