Monday, April 22, 2013

I Can't Use My Amazing Biceps To Fix This Bookshelf ANNNND WE HAVE A WINNER!

I have probably said this once or twice but...MAN I am busy! Just a few more weeks and I will have more time to give this blog the love it needs! 
Since our itty bitty apartment has no "office space" for my stuff (they have a "desk" which 1.) our legs don't fit under it and 2.) it barely had room for our computer so the rest of my office stuff is homeless) I came up with a genius idea! Not really. I got a book shelf. Whatever. Anyways. I spent a good 45 minutes trying to fix the shelves and the backing on it. Now it sits totally dismantled on our bedroom floor. PS: nail polish bottles, high heel shoes, scissors, and paddle brushes make horrible substitutes for hammers. So now I have to wait for Brody to get home because he takes the tools to work with him. 
I wanted to give you guys an up date on the fitness journey. I worked out 4 days last week and I am going to workout 4 days this week. I love how I feel after I workout but I have ZERO motivation. Fo reals. Do you guys have any tips on what would motivate me? Don't say pictures of girls with hot bodies because I look at those and say, "Bitch I don't care about that." and don't send me videos of double amputees becoming profesh body builders, because, although mean for me to say, I'll say, "that's lovely but i have both my legs, good for them but I don't care." What I need is Billy Blanks bursting through my door at 5 am yelling at me until I am in tears. Don't tell me to find a work out buddy. i don't want a work out BUDDY. I want a work out TORTURER...unfortunately those cost big bucks and I just paid $300 for a medical bill today. So yeah. But I am starting back with Pole classes next week! YAY! So excited! I definitely feel a lot stronger since I started working out and it'll be nice to have that strength when I start up with dance again. PS: I posted my workout stuff on my pinterest, in a minute I will figure out how to get that posted on my blog.....

I'll do my updated fitness pics next week right before I start dance classes so you guys can see that wee bit of difference I have made. 

And now I need to announce my winner for my first giveaway YAAAAAYYY!!! So my winner is...Thais Stewart! WOOT WOOT! Send me your email girl, so we can get started on getting you the amazing book, The Charge

Annnnd, I have a giveaway going on in a few weeks and I am SO excited! I can't tell you what it is yet buuuut it's going to be AWESOME! 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

How Can You Serve Greatly?

So really quickly, I want to finish up the sweepstakes for the book. The Charge, By Brendon Burchard. First of all, I am only 60 pages in but I am in LOVE! At first things started out super slow and it took me 3 or 4 days just to get to page 20 and then all of a sudden, it felt like a million lightbulbs went off in my head all at once. I am so excited for whoever wins the book and even if it's not you, I sincerely hope you buy it. 
So I wanted to go over super quickly the last 3 things Mr. Burchard talks about. 
#5: Productivity: I suck at being productive. FYI. SUCK! I am horrible at getting things accomplished. Why? 1.) I am the poster child for procrastination. I have been since 1995. And I really don't have the excuse of "I work better under pressure." Unless, by "better" you mean, having panic attacks the night before and ripping out hair in my sleep, then, oh yeah, I'm AWESOME at working under pressure. 2.) Um...I get distracted. In 2008 in my first semester at college, I was diagnosed with A.D.D, it's not extremely bad but if I don't try to keep it under control it can get worse, which in the last year I have notice it has. Still, it's not like I have to wear a harness when Brody takes me grocery shopping...he can still use my belt loops...anyways. Things like, Facebook and my email make me distracted, oh and the new shiny smartphone I got last night. So when Brendon says to move your email and social media stuff to the LAST part of your work day, I felt like I lost 100 pounds in 10 seconds. Do you know how much stuff I can get done with that crap out of the way?! I could get housework done, and stuff done for work and even write more on my blog! AMAZING!

#6: Persuasion: If you buy your book off of Amazon or Barnes and Noble online and you email your receipt you can get exclusive training videos from Brendon. And usually, I would think he is super annoying, because super peppy people...annoy me. But he really isn't "peppy" he is just SO enthusiastic about what he is talking about! He makes you feel like you can succeed and that you can easily change your life for the better. I was envious at first, because I would LOVE to have that type of enthusiasm in my life. And then I realized...that I can. Whenever you talk to someone BE ENTHUSIASTIC! Think about it, if you were to walk into a store and you were looking for a pair of shoes or even maybe you go to a card dealership and you are looking to buy a car, would you be confident in your purchase if the sales person was unenthusiastic and didn't really are about the car or the shoes you were looking at? Uh...probably not. You probably wouldn't even want to buy anything for awhile. But if your car salesman was enthusiastic and WANTED to tell you all the features the car has to offer and the great deals he can get you and how he feels about the car, you will most likely buy it. The salesman who didn't seem to care about you or the car, probably makes no money and is miserable. The guy who was SO excited for you and excited about the car, probably makes a ton of sales and loves what he does. BE EXCITED ABOUT SHIT, DAMMIT! Love what you do! And if you don't love it, DO SOMETHING ELSE! 

So we started off with #2 remember? Now we are back to #1. Which was a HUGE AHA moment for me. It is PURPOSE. When Brendon said these words in the video, I immediately paused it and wrote them on my mirror. Everyday you should ask yourself, ready for this?,...."HOW CAN I SERVE GREATLY TODAY? Oh holy ballsauce. I was floored. What can YOU do for others today? How can you serve others today? Let's stop being so friggin greedy for a second and ask what you can do for other people! once you do that, you find purpose. Before I work ANY party I ask myself many times, "How can I empower women tonight?" As guests walk in I ask myself, "How can I empower them?" When they come to order something, "How can I empower them?" It has made my life more fulfilling and amazing! It has made me feel more love for my business! HOW CAN I SERVE GREATLY? It's like I can see Oprah totally freaking out over it. LOVE IT!

Alrighty people. You have 2 questions: 1.) How do you demonstrate enthusiasm everyday? and 2.) HOW CAN YOU SERVE GREATLY? 

I am going to give away one of Brendon Burchard's book of The Charge. Here's how you can win:
Comment on your goals for each step, or how you are accomplishing this step = 1 entry
Share on Facebook and comment here that you shared it = 1 entry
Share it on Twitter and comment here that you shared it (make sure to include @itsme_arielleb in the tweet) = 1 entry
Share it on Pinterest and comment here that you shared it = 1 entry.
I will pick a random winner on April 17th.  GOOD LUCK!!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

A Few Things.....

WHEW! This girl has been running around like a cray cray chicken with it's head cut off. More importantly, this girl has had yet another flare up with her Bronchitis. Bleh. Oh well, I can feel it start to go away. So a few things:

  • I am horrible at "following through" people are probably wondering when my next exercise post is and when I'll announce the winner of the book giveaway. 
    • First of all, I haven't really been exercising. I started off doing yoga every morning but then I tore my shoulder and had to stop for a few days....and ended up stopping for a lot of's a mixture of how busy I have been and just my lack of motivation, but things are going to start to get a hell of a lot easier around here so I'll be back soon!
    • Book giveaway is coming soon! I have to finish the rest of the posts and then I will announce the winner. Hopefully this week. If not, next week. I was hoping to do it the day after I came home from Las Vegas but I was dead tired and sick as a dog. So it never happened and then I went back to work and came home exhausted and ya'll know how life gets in the way. 

  • So let me explain why I am so busy. If I have anybody out there who has a direct selling business, they will understand. It takes up a ton of your time when you first start out. I am trying to learn how to balance everything but having a job on top of everything makes it hard. But soon I will be going to summer hours and can get more things done. After I am done with the book giveaway, I am going to write once a week. I know a little while ago I was writing a lot but now it's just gotten too much. This blog (along with my business) is my baby, and I am not going to let it go anytime soon. So this isn't goodbye it's just, I'm not going to see you as often....think of it as, NYMB is going off to college and will come home when it needs to do laundry. 

So expect to see a winner for the book by next week and an exercise soon. Maybe. Right now the cat thinks the yoga mat is her new bed, and I'm not ready to break the bad news to her yet. But thank you thank you thank you for all the support and love you have given the blog and it will continue to grow, just in baby steps for right now.