Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Little Positivity Please!

OMG! There was an election going on?! WHAT???? I had no idea. I saw nothing on Facebook or on TV! CRAZZZYY! Just kidding I totally knew and I am so glad it is over. BLEH! OI VEY people! Some of you gots some tight panties on and they are in a twist. But I for one will no longer bathe in your negativity, I will only pay attention to those who post pictures of their dogs in footie pajamas like this:

ANYWAYS...I mean...anyways.
So my birthday is like over a month away but I am planning it now. I have never liked my birthday. Ever. Because 1.) I have been sick the past like 10 birthdays...not even kidding. and 2.) People tend to forget it or never want to do anything. Um yeah my birthday is the day after Christmas. How do you forget that?! And people are too busy with other plans that Christmas brings (Jesus, you totally owe me, having a birthday close to you SUCKS BALLS...I'm going to hell now aren't I? Oh well).
But this Birthday is going to totally rock your socks off! I am so tired of negative people and their sob stories, you created your shit you have to create your own happiness (for this I recommend the book The Secret, it totally changed my life) no one is going to create your destiny but you. So stop whining about what you don't have and start creating the life you want and focus on what you do have. I believe the best way to get more out of life, whether you want more love, more wealth, more health, more self esteem etc etc etc... you need NEED to GIVE. Give love to recieve love. Give wealth or knowledge of to recieve wealth or knowledge of. Give someone confidence to receive confidence in yourself. ITS THE LAW OF ATTRACTION PEOPLE! Not just "life coaches" know about it but physicists and the wealthiest people in the world know about this! Could you imagine the kind of world we would live in if we all focused on positive things? What you think is what you get. You think of bills and debt? Sweet, that's what you'll get. You think of FIGHTING CANCER FIGHTING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE FIGHTING WORLD HUNGER? Yup that's what you'll get. I don't fight any of those things. I am Pro-Peace. I am for everyone getting enough to eat. I am Pro-health. The more you fight something the more of it you'll get because you are focusing all your energy on it! 
Back to my birthday plan...I am doing 23 (because I am turning 23) good deeds from Dec 3rd to Dec 26th. And for the people/person on the receiving end has to pay it forward. You'll see as I document it here. Now here is YOUR challenge, yes you have homework, on Dec 26th instead of wishing me a Happy Birthday, YOU need to do 2 to 3 good deeds and tell everyone who recieved your good deed to pay it forward and post it either on here or my FB page! Ok so I am doing 23 good deeds, let say just 23 people are affected and they do one good deed thats 46 people affected. So now lets says half of my FB friends do 2 good deeds each that's 257 good deeds if they only help one person in each good deed and they pay it forward thats like 514 people affected, now add my 46...THATS 560 PEOPLE WE HAVE HELPED! That is so much positivity and if everyone keeps paying it forward we can create such this positivity  everywhere. So think about what you want to do. Starting Dec 3rd you'll start seeing my posts everyday on what I did. It doesn't have to be a huge good deed, sometimes the little things makes the biggest impact. I'm SO excited to start this as my new Birthday tradition and I hope everyone can get involved!

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