Monday, April 22, 2013

I Can't Use My Amazing Biceps To Fix This Bookshelf ANNNND WE HAVE A WINNER!

I have probably said this once or twice but...MAN I am busy! Just a few more weeks and I will have more time to give this blog the love it needs! 
Since our itty bitty apartment has no "office space" for my stuff (they have a "desk" which 1.) our legs don't fit under it and 2.) it barely had room for our computer so the rest of my office stuff is homeless) I came up with a genius idea! Not really. I got a book shelf. Whatever. Anyways. I spent a good 45 minutes trying to fix the shelves and the backing on it. Now it sits totally dismantled on our bedroom floor. PS: nail polish bottles, high heel shoes, scissors, and paddle brushes make horrible substitutes for hammers. So now I have to wait for Brody to get home because he takes the tools to work with him. 
I wanted to give you guys an up date on the fitness journey. I worked out 4 days last week and I am going to workout 4 days this week. I love how I feel after I workout but I have ZERO motivation. Fo reals. Do you guys have any tips on what would motivate me? Don't say pictures of girls with hot bodies because I look at those and say, "Bitch I don't care about that." and don't send me videos of double amputees becoming profesh body builders, because, although mean for me to say, I'll say, "that's lovely but i have both my legs, good for them but I don't care." What I need is Billy Blanks bursting through my door at 5 am yelling at me until I am in tears. Don't tell me to find a work out buddy. i don't want a work out BUDDY. I want a work out TORTURER...unfortunately those cost big bucks and I just paid $300 for a medical bill today. So yeah. But I am starting back with Pole classes next week! YAY! So excited! I definitely feel a lot stronger since I started working out and it'll be nice to have that strength when I start up with dance again. PS: I posted my workout stuff on my pinterest, in a minute I will figure out how to get that posted on my blog.....

I'll do my updated fitness pics next week right before I start dance classes so you guys can see that wee bit of difference I have made. 

And now I need to announce my winner for my first giveaway YAAAAAYYY!!! So my winner is...Thais Stewart! WOOT WOOT! Send me your email girl, so we can get started on getting you the amazing book, The Charge

Annnnd, I have a giveaway going on in a few weeks and I am SO excited! I can't tell you what it is yet buuuut it's going to be AWESOME! 


  1. YAAAAY! Who would of thought those substitutions would be poor hammers? -_-. What motivates me is leaving myself "get up off your butt notes" on my laptop, in my planner, in my phone's text AND calendar (yes, I text myself). I write "HEEEEY! DO IT! Why? REGRET SUCKS!" I can't wait to hear the winner!

  2. YAY!!!

    and when it comes to exercising i would try giving your self a treat after each time you do it that way you look forward to it. thats what i do and im starting to look forward to it.