Monday, April 1, 2013

A Few Things.....

WHEW! This girl has been running around like a cray cray chicken with it's head cut off. More importantly, this girl has had yet another flare up with her Bronchitis. Bleh. Oh well, I can feel it start to go away. So a few things:

  • I am horrible at "following through" people are probably wondering when my next exercise post is and when I'll announce the winner of the book giveaway. 
    • First of all, I haven't really been exercising. I started off doing yoga every morning but then I tore my shoulder and had to stop for a few days....and ended up stopping for a lot of's a mixture of how busy I have been and just my lack of motivation, but things are going to start to get a hell of a lot easier around here so I'll be back soon!
    • Book giveaway is coming soon! I have to finish the rest of the posts and then I will announce the winner. Hopefully this week. If not, next week. I was hoping to do it the day after I came home from Las Vegas but I was dead tired and sick as a dog. So it never happened and then I went back to work and came home exhausted and ya'll know how life gets in the way. 

  • So let me explain why I am so busy. If I have anybody out there who has a direct selling business, they will understand. It takes up a ton of your time when you first start out. I am trying to learn how to balance everything but having a job on top of everything makes it hard. But soon I will be going to summer hours and can get more things done. After I am done with the book giveaway, I am going to write once a week. I know a little while ago I was writing a lot but now it's just gotten too much. This blog (along with my business) is my baby, and I am not going to let it go anytime soon. So this isn't goodbye it's just, I'm not going to see you as often....think of it as, NYMB is going off to college and will come home when it needs to do laundry. 

So expect to see a winner for the book by next week and an exercise soon. Maybe. Right now the cat thinks the yoga mat is her new bed, and I'm not ready to break the bad news to her yet. But thank you thank you thank you for all the support and love you have given the blog and it will continue to grow, just in baby steps for right now. 

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