Wednesday, August 7, 2013


A few days ago I wrote about a project that I am SO in love with. If you didn't read it, stop, click here: and then when you are done you may come back....
Did you read it? There's going to be a quiz....Just kidding. I don't have that kind of time. Anyways, as of right now they have less than $20,000 to go and 20 days left of their kickstarter program. So in order to bribe all ya'll to go donate here is what I am going to do..
WHEN Dogtown Redemption makes their goal, I will giveaway a $50 Visa Giftcard to one lucky donor. Here is how you enter:
  • You MUST donate at least $1 to be entered and eligible...ok, so you'll win $49 and get your dollar back....
  • Once you donate you MUST do the following or your entry will NOT count:
    • Like the Not Yo Momma's Blog Fan Page on Facebook
    • Follow me on Twitter @itsme_arielleb
    • When you make a donation afterwards it will tell you to share it with Facebook or Twitter if you share it on Twitter make sure to 1.) tag me in the tweet (again it's @itsme_arielleb) and 2.) use the hashtag #redemptiondoc
    • Post on my Facebook Fan Page IN THE COMMENT SECTION OF THIS POST"S LINK. It will say: WHO WANT'S $50?! Tell me how much you donated.
    • Comment in this section how much you donated, and 5 people you will tell about this awesome documentary.
You have until the 28th to make a donation. I will make the announcement on Aug.29th of the winner. (PS: The more $$$ you donate the more entries you get...and I will have ANOTHER awesome giveaway for the reader who donated the most...hmmmmm...)

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