Monday, September 17, 2012

"Can I Pay For My Gas in Quarters?

"You are going to hate me..."
"I am going to need $8 in gas in pump number 7"
"I'm paying in quarters..."
*Uncomfortable silence ensues as the cashier takes my pile of quarters and begins to count them*
*Annoyed groans from people who had the horrible luck of standing behind me in line*
This is not the first time I have paid in coins. I once even paid $30 towards my down payment on my car in quarters. I've paid for shoes, college tuition, school supplies and tacos in coins. Is it annoying to all involved? Yes, yes it is. Do I feel bad? Sometimes...But if people don't like it maybe we should get rid of the coin currency and just have paper money eh? And it's not like I steal the crap, you're still getting my hard earned money (most of the time found under the furniture or between car seats...) 
This is where I could go off and blame the government or the economy  for my lack in funds. I could blame the liberals or the conservatives or the generation before me. I could blame 9/11, the Bush Administration and the war. But the person I should blame is me. I blame the two colleges I attended for me dropping out. But it's my fault. I was lazy, undisciplined and unmotivated. It's MY fault I talk more to debt collectors than my mother (and I talk to my mother ALOT) I was SUPER STUPID with my money and not only am I still learning from that but I still make dumb choices. But you know what? It doesn't define who I am. And it's definitely not in charge of my happiness. What makes me happy? Learning the ropes of being a new business owner for Slumber Parties and all the AWESOME people I get to meet, it's being a nanny for the BEST family, it's cuddles from my kitty kat Taffy, it's nutella and strawberries and most of all I get to come home to my brand new apartment and there is the most handsome, sweet, supportive and loving man in the world. If I didn't have Brody in my life all of this wouldn't be worth it. I wouldn't want to be a better person. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. 
But before I get too mushy.
We moved in together the beginning of the month and so far it's still super fun. Well, sometimes he gets on my nerves and I probably get on his nerves (like I'm still not unpacked...and the closet is always messy....and I'm messy...and I get mad when he tells me how to cook...) Anyways. But if we don;t get tv or Internet soon we might get really sick of each other. We don't have any money to do anything...and when we do have money we spend it on alcohol. 
Speaking on being poor...again. I know the ropes of having to go to the extremes of saving money like, not turning on the ac in the car, even though its the middle of July, or selling clothes and dvds to get your car insurance money...or paying with coins. I've had like 10 garage sales in desperate attempts to make money. I sold Avon and for a week sold knives door to door (ok I didn't last a week I was shut down once and then quit.) I worked in a call center, I was a pet groomer (I told them I had Strep Throat for 6 weeks and then never went back to work...I don't "drain" anal glands, I don;t care how cute the dog is.) I worked for Macy's, Victoria's Secret (I was peppy enough), Tai Pan Trading, Hobby Lobby, Taco Time (I will never eat there...again), a hotel, two daycares and a Domestic Violence Shelter, and Walmart ( Most of these jobs were done 2 or 3 at a time. Now I have a great job as a Slumber Party consultant and as a nanny and even though I want to make more money I am happy where I am. I know one day our finances will be better. So even though I'm about to pay the nice guy at the maverick with quarters I'm not ashamed he and 10 other people have probably been in the same spot.
What's the craziest thing you've done to save money? 


  1. You're like the everything woman. You can do ANYTHING, I love that about you! I save my money in my Belle money bank and to save money I don't buy anything new (like clothes, not groceries) until I have had at least two paychecks in between each purchase. Haha, but I'm crazy.

  2. AW Thanks Anonymous! So nice! And thanks Tay! One for following my blog since the BEGINNING! And two for being an awesome friend LOVES YOOOUUU!