Monday, September 24, 2012

Damn You Pinterest and Joe Nichols

7am: My alarm goes off, "Alrighty Arielle we got lots to do today, we are getting up!...Wow it's cold...and my blankies are so comfy...I'll just lay here for a minute....."

9am: "Oh wow...I slept an extra 2 hours...oopsies."

9:15-9:45: I barricaded myself in the bathroom with 2 flies trying to kill them. Flies in Centerville are alot tougher than the ones in Syracuse. 

10am: "So we are working out this morning so we should have a healthy breakfa.....OOOOO CAKE!"

10:30am: "Alrighty let's get ready for our workout....maybe I should do some laundry....I should go on Pinterest and get my workout figured out. YAY for finally making a Health board!....I should get some new music for my workout too!"

10:30-11:30am: Browsing Pinterest (not getting my workout together), and Amazon (not just music....really tempted to by some more Candace Bushnell books...). I also found myself on Facebook. And looking at puppies on ksl. I now reallllly want a Chihuahua. 

11:30am: "Oh yeah I haven't started laundry yet....Maybe I should I just wait to workout with Brody. Yeah."

11:35am: "Heheheh, this was kinda funny. I should write about this experience in my blog!!! It will be hilarious!"

11:37am: Debt Collector calls. We have a nice chat, I make a payment schedule. Not sure if I'll have the money but it will feel nice to get that over with. I tell her about my morning...she didn't really care.

11:42am: "OMG I should look up country music videos from the 90's on YouTube!!!! YAAAAAAYYY!!!"

12pm: I suck at being an adult. I am still at the computer in my undies crying like a baby watching Joe Nichols "I'll Wait For You" music video.

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