Sunday, January 2, 2011

Burgers, Backpacks and Bravery

So right now I am currently sitting on my unmade bed surrounded by newly bought school supplies and regretting ever meeting In N Out. Which could possibly be the best burger chain in America but, my intestines would like to disagree.
Anyways. While I was out and about today something got to me. I was at Target and every 30 seconds someone was stepping on me, running me over with their cart or pushing me out of the way. And every single time they would say "oh, I didn't see you." On my way out of the store I was almost hit by a car and the guy rolled down his window and said "I'm so sorry I didn't see you!" I know I lost alot of weight from being sick the past couple of weeks but I didn't know I became invisible. But then again, maybe it's not me. Maybe people have just become so into themselves that they totally forget that there are other people on this planet. Oh well.
Moving on. Tomorrow is my first day back as a full time college student!! Hence the school supplies. I'm so excited. I'm like the little kid before his first day of Kindergarten. I had everything ready since before New Years. I will probably get up at 3 am to get ready and get to school at 5 am and wait in my excellent parking spot til class starts at 7:30. Let's just pray I wake up with my alarm. That can be difficult sometimes. heh.
Before I go I just want to talk (or write, I'm not really talking) about one more thing. On New Years Eve there was a horrible trailer fire in Clearfield. A 5 year old little girl couldn't escape and passed away. Thank God the 2 other children did. The whole trailer is completely destroyed. But my stepdad, being the awesome human being he is, is offering a burial plot to the family. So I just want to thank my stepdad for showing the world that you can do selfless things and not have any strings attached. I also want to give thanks to the Firefighters and Police Officers and Dispatchers. They have such a difficult job and sometimes it's hard to see the rewards they get from their career but they are definitly angels and I am so grateful for all of them keeping all of us safe everyday.
Hope everybody at Weber has an awesome first day tomorrow and GOODNIGHT!

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