Saturday, February 2, 2013

So Far....My Attention Defiect Hasn't Gotten Do You Want To Watch Disney Movies With Me?

After days and days of trying to avoid it, the inevitable happened. I caught the cold. The one I have been living with and working with this past week and everyday I would say, "I've been SO lucky I haven't caught it. Maybe I won't be sick at all in 2013!" And then my tea party with the unicorns and talking Teddy Bears came to an end and this morning I woke up feeling like I was run over by the garbage truck. 
Even though my goal of not being sick in 2013 didn't work out, I still have high hopes for 2013. So far 2013 has been interesting.
Brody started his new job. Which is great. I really think this will be Brody's year (maybe that nice little raise will result in a sparkly ring eh? eh?) 
I have racked my brain for the past few nights about what to do with my Slumber Parties business. Do I let it go? Do I try it again? My amazing man (God, I love him) told me he felt like I gave up too fast. And I would have to agree. I had really high hopes with this business but I was naive. I though I would have to have zero effort with it and still take home a huge paycheck. And someone once said to me that, "everything you do in life, relationships, your job, what you put in you get out." If you put 10% of your time with someone or something, eventually that's what you'll get out. I put zero effort and investment into my business and I got zero out of it. I know success doesn't happen over night. But I know if I make some baby steps I can get there. I'll spend the next few months just training, building my inventory, learning from mentors, and then I'll start succeeding the way I KNOW I can. 
PS: Hallmark has the cutest commercials ever. And their movie tonight isn't that cheesy. Anyways.
I love Julia Stiles too. She's so cute.
And I love Camryn Manheim too. I LOVED her in Ally McBeal.
Ohmygosh, remember when Josh Groban was on Ally McBeal. I DIED! DIED! Ugh he is so cute!
Did you know that you can't find that scene on YouTube....rude.
oooo....Josh Groban music videos! Good thing I'm home alone, I'd get made fun of by Brody for listening to such cheesy music.
Oh...yeah...I was writing a blog...
Back to 2013 so far.'s been extremely cold, and snowing, a lot. I have never seen this much snow. It's really annoying.'s been smoggy and gross (Utah has the nastiest inversion...I hate it.)
I've had some amazing girl talks with friends. Realized that I need to spend more time with them just as much as I need time with my Brody. I learned that I need to work on my indecisiveness. I just need to go with my gut more. I learned that sometimes you need to invest in yourself just as much as you invest in others.
I have goals: I want to pay off debt. And I want to work on not caring what other people are doing or what they think. I need to stop letting society and culture put a timeline on me. Like when I should start having kids and get married. So far I am doing good.
And even though we've had a few setbacks I really think this is our year. I think big things will happen and I am so excited so see what's in store!


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