Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Falling for Fall!

Every year after July 24th (for those of you not familiar with Utah culture, the 24th is a holiday..why? Because Utah can...) I am over the dog days of summer (but not dogs...I love dogs...anytime of the year...) and I am ready for AUTUMN! I am ready for cooler weather (because these triple digits are getting OLD), crisp brightly colored leaves and hoodies! So in my anticipation for fall weather I am dedicating this post to all things fall! 

Before I get into my favorite fall decor let me sidetrack for a second and say...WE GOT A HOUSE! EEEEEEEKKKKK!!!! I am SO excited to be able to OWN a home. We close in like a month and I am stoked. 
Anywhos, since I will be able to decorate how I want to, here are a few decorating ideas I am excited to try out!
 I am in LOVE with this vase set up! Pine cones and twig branches with the sweet little lights just make a home feel cozy. And it can be SUPER inexpensive.
 I am sure there are many of you who have those holiday clingy things that you put on your windows. They look cute from the outside...not so cute on the inside. This combines 2 of my favorite things: Halloween and Practicality. Use some of those window clings to decorate the inside of your home, you can buy the frames at the dollar store and switch the holiday themes out. When there is a giant space between holidays use it as a memo board. Since i can HANG THINGS ON MY WALL NOW...I am definitely doing this!
 I found this SUPER easy and super cute ghost project here:
So excited to make these cuties for one of my favorite holidays!
 I'm all about dining table setups...however we had NO room in our apartment for a table but now, we finally get to have a dining room set! YAY! And you bet your sweet puppy that my dining room table is going to look cute anytime of the year. Combine your favorite fall scented candles (pumpkin spice anyone?) some fake autumn foliage and BAM! Really adorable centerpiece.

Like I said in the beginning, I love hoodie weather. And just hoodies...seriously who ever thought of that sweet little invention, thanks dude. Not only does cooler weather mean hoodie wearing means cute scarfs,boots, hats, jackets, get what I mean. Here's some of the fall fashions I am FALLING for (bwahahahaha I SO SO funny!)


This has everything a girl needs for fall weather. A cute blazer, a scarf and and adorable boots to go with it all.

 If you know me, you know that there is NO way I'm going anywhere in those booties. A girl like me likes her shoes like she like her running route: flat and non-existent. But when the weather gets chilly I have to wear I will compromise and wear flat heeled ones! But this sweater looks uber comfy!!!

Hoodies and comfy looking shoes. Gotta love it. I have a hoodie obsession. Sometimes in the summer I feel sad because it's too warm to wear them...true story.
Every time I see ponchos I think of 2 things: 1.) Super touristy people riding on Splash Mountain at Disneyland (because ya don't want to get yer fanny pack wet eh?) and 2.) Emperor's New Groove. But maybe I'll give it a whirl this fall. Knowing how crazy Utah's weather can be, the layers are perfect. 
One last favorite thing about fall: Time to dust off the Slow Cooker! YAY! Love my slow cooker. Nothing is better than coming home on along day and already having dinner ready for you. 
Are you excited for all? What is your favorite thing about Autumn?


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