Monday, July 1, 2013

Viva Las Vegas!!

This weekend my mom and I took a much needed vacation to Vegas. I had some major success in sales and was able to get tickets to Celine Dion.
We left Friday afternoon and we were pretty stoked. We drove since it was only a 6 hour drive and SO much cheaper than flying.
 We were pretty stoked...

The drive was nice and fast because my mom doesn't know how to drive under 80 mph....just saying.

We arrived at the Embassy Suites by the Las Vegas Convention Center. We got a deal on for $199 for two nights. And we LOVED our experience. 
First of all the location is convenient, it's on Paradise Blvd, so it's not right on the strip, which I think is better. It's walking distance to the monorail so you can easily get to the strip without the pain of driving and trying to find a place to park. The room was clean and was really nice. The bed was super comfy and we had an awesome view:
This is from our balcony. We were on the 7th floor. It was even more stunning at night!!

They also have a complimentary breakfast that isn't just yogurt and toast, they have omelets and french toast and bacon and other cooked items. Their home fries are SO GOOD! 
And between 5:30-7:30 (I think) they have a Manager's Reception, which I think was the best deal. Free drinks and snacks. Yeah, where else can you get that besides the casinos?
Some people will not like the fact that there is no casino but with my chronic bronchitis, I can't be in a casino for very long which brings me to my next thing:
I brought my Breathe oil from DoTerra, I could feel my lungs were getting very irritated by the end of day one because we walked through some casinos, I just rubbed some of the oils on my chest, on the back of my neck where my lymph nodes are, and the bottom of my feet and I was breathing much better.
When we were done getting settled into the room we went to New York New York via monorail,
  New York New York has a very special place in our hearts since my mom is from new York AND it's my 2 favorite places in one place! Well...the real New York is waaaaaay better than the Hotel/Casino is but I'll take what I can get..
We walked the strip and and looked in some shops. And then after being in a car all day and being in 115 degree heat we were pretty tired. I feel really old for going to bed at like 11pm and waking up before 7. Usually 23 year old people are just getting back from the clubs before 7am. Whatevs.
Since we woke up early on Saturday we hit Fremont street pretty early. I had never been to Fremont street before and I loved it! It was more laid back than the Strip. After that we went to pick up the tickets for the concert!! I was SO excited to finally have the tickets in my hands! We hung out at the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace and then drove over to the Fashion Show Mall.
Vegas is definitely a different world. $90 for a friggin face cream. We walked around Jimmy Choo and they had shoes on clearance and their clearance prices for shoes were like $300! FOR SHOES! That's like 2 car payments! And when I found out the regular price for a pair of shoes I could hear the children of Africa crying. For reals. Why would you spend that much?! It better be like walking on clouds made from fluffy gold. I better have insurance included in that price. They better be dirt resistant. 
We went back to the room to get ready for the concert. It was our one night to get dressed up in Vegas.

I felt super weird in such a short dress but it's Vegas not Provo so whatever.
The concert was AMAZING!!!! I pretty much cried during the whole thing. Not even kidding. And not like just teary eyed crying, like full on bawling. 
I am so happy I was able to share it with my mom. Some people would have rather taken a friend or a spouse but not me, I am so happy that I got to share this experience with my mom. She works so hard and hasn't had a vacation in forever. It is something I will remember forever. I am glad that I was the one who was able to fulfill a dream that we had for years. At the concert I remembered how I used to lay on the floor listening to Celine's records and how I used to rewind our tape of Beauty and the Beast just to listen to the end credits song over and over. It was amazing to finally see the singer who I used to just listen to through speakers, sing in person. 
On that note I have one major learning lesson from this trip. I feel like it is important for anyone traveling to Vegas...Strawberry Daiquiri's + Cheese Corn= no bueno. Don't mix the matter how hungry you are. Bad news bears.

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