Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baking and Budweiser!

8 pm: "Babe I am EXHAUSTED, I'm going to bed." I say to Brody.
"Yeah me too."
8:15: Bedtime....
9:18: "I want a doughnut." I say to no one in particular.
"Krispy Kremes Closes at 10 wanna go?" 
"We've been there like 3 times this week already....and it's only Tuesday...I want cookies...we don't have cookies."
"Make some."
9:22: Alrighty Pinterest don't let a girl down.
9:25: I swear on my cat's life that I pinned a peanut butter cookie recipe....
9:26: Sorry Taffy....
9:28: Found cookie recipe, this is just peanut butter, that's dumb, let's add NUTELLA!!
9:30: We don't have a 3/4 measuring cup....I'M DOOMED!
9:31: Ask a sleeping tired Brody what to do.
9:32: resume cooking. 
9:33: EFF YOU BROWN SUGAR! GET IN MY MEASURING CUP! *Breaks handle off of measuring cup* We won't say anything to Brody.
9:34: PISH POSH! We don't need to measure anything we'll just eyeball it!
9:40: Discover baking soda is a giant solid block, we'll just break off a peice that we think is 3/4 of a teaspoon....
9:41: That looks more like 3/4 of a table spoon...where's my WHISK?!
9:42: It is in the sink with the hamburger helper dinner we had tonight....I can wash it off.
9:43: Notice soap bubbles while whisking....um....oops...
9:44: A pinch of salt....this damn salt shaker is SO annoying it never- top of salt shaker comes off and allllllllllll of the salt goes into the bowl.
9:44-9:55: try to pick out as much salt out of cookie mixture as possible....
9:55: Eh, a pinch of salt, a handful of salt, what's the difference.
9:56: *sing to tune of Spiderman song* Cookie Balls, cookie balls, get a load of my cookie balls, are they good? I don't know, but they're made with salt and soap...LOOK OUT here comes cookie balls!
9:57: Cookies are in the oven....
9:58: Oh yeah...turn on the oven...
9:59: OH LOOK! Frosting...let's eat some!
10:00-10:12: Log into Facebook:
Start Facebook stalking old classmates:
"Jesus...she's fertile! She's having ANOTHER kid!!?"
"Don't care..don't care...ew....they got MARRIED?!" 
"Honey someone needs to tell you that your shorts should be longer than your vagina...."
"OMYGOD! This girl is SO annoying! Who is that?....oh shit...that's me..."
Google, Facebook Addiction signs....
Timer for oven goes off.
Cookie soup....
Why are they this color?
How many Budwiesers did I have?
4?! 4?! I had 4 beers in an hour?!!!! 
I should blog about this....
I don't even want cookies anymore....
Oh hey! Frosting!

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