Friday, March 1, 2013

The Time Has Come To Stop Using My Dumbells As A Shoe Rack....

The time has come. It's time to slap denial in the da face. I have been avoiding it. But I can't any longer. 
I have to get my flabby ass into shape. Now before you say "you weigh like 5 pounds...." Yes I am a skinny freak...but there is no muscle. Like at all. When Brody gets home there's usually between 6 to 12 jars on the counter that have to be opened. It's sad. 
He loved the idea of getting me back to my dance classes. I mean, this summer I had made SO much progress, I was about 80% into my splits and I had better abs then Jessica Alba in "Honey". Chya. By the time I had to cancel my membership I could hold myself on a pole just using my thighs. And even though they were covered in bruises and were constantly sore, I loved every second of it. 
Since I can't buy my membership just yet, I thought I would figure out some workout regimen to do at home so by the time I start I am somewhat in shape. Sooooooo here's the schedule so far: 

Mondays: Yoga (mostly for flexibility, opening up my hip flexors which are PAINFULLY tight, also to help me work on getting my splits back.)

Wednesdays: Arms (I have NO idea how to go about this so ANY help is appreciated.)

Fridays: Yoga again.

Saturdays: Arms

Sundays: Yoga

So I give myself Tuesday and Thursday off. Mostly because of work. If anyone has any suggestions about working out let me know. We have a gym at our apartment complex but let's get And I don't work out for more than an hour so all yall crazy people who work out 4 hours a day...get a life. 
SIGH! I guess I will document my progress....we'll see how that turns out. 

Work out 1 starts tomorrow.....  


  1. I have been doing BodyBeast. It is INCREDIBLE for building muscle and I started noticing results really really soon. It's a whole program, though, so I'm not sure if you would be interested in something like that. If not, Jillian Michael's 30-Day-Shred is a pretty decent and easy one for not a lot of moneys.

  2. Go, Arielle! I totally support you! :D Your regiment sounds like a good plan. And Suzi's right--Jillian is pretty cheap for the results you get. Also, I don't know if you guys have an Xbox or Kinect, but Dance Central 2 is AMAZING.

  3. I have actually done Jillian's workout before and I love it but with my scoliosis my backs, hips and shoulders are in constant pain so I'm thinking of more of a yoga kinda thing. And we have no video game consoles in our house, and I'm planning of keeping it that way for as long as possible!!!