Sunday, March 17, 2013

What's Your Word?

Last night I talked about being more present everyday. Today I was going to try Vlogging (video blogging) but um...I had an allergic reaction to something any my eyelids are swollen and I have hivey welts all over. So that will not be happening. 
Today I am going to talk about the 3rd step that High Performance people use everyday. It is Psychology. 
Great people know how to use every aspect of their minds and know how other people use their minds as well. Millionaires, intellectuals, and leaders also have a great sense of direction. They know what they are doing, how they need to do it and how to achieve it. They don't just show up to work and say, "I'll just do whatever today, meh, whatever happens, happens." They have a plan. And they follow it. The question you need to be asking yourself every day is:
Am I living my truth?
Your truth associates with your identity. It's about knowing who you are. So that means you have know what your truth is! How do you figure out what your truth is? 
Pick 3 words. 3 separate words that define who you are as a person. Just 3. What words define who you are or who you want to be? My words are: PRESENT, OPTIMISTIC, LOVING.
I say these words to myself throughout the day. I have it written on my mirror in my room, my rearview mirror in my car (small and on the side so it's not distracting...). I have them written in my planner on the top of every page and I have it written as a banner on my phone. 
Now pick 3 more words. 3 words that define how you interact with other people. When people talk to you or spend time with you, how do you want them to feel when you are with them? How would you want them to describe you if you walked away? My words are: LOYAL, INSPIRING, CARING. These words are with my other 3 words in the same places. Before I speak or engage with another person, I repeat these words in my head. And repeating them will make me act this way towards that person. 
By asking yourself if you are living your truth, you are asking yourself if you are those words that you picked. I have to ask myself, "Am I being present, am I being optimistic, am I being Loving?" If the answer is no to any of those three, I need to step back and figure out how to get back on track, because if you're not being your words, you are not living your truth.
When Brendon Burchard talked about this it reminded me of the book, Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. While Elizabeth is in Italy, she is asked what her word is. She says her word is "writer" because that's what she does. A friend of her says, "That is what you do, but it's not who you are." I love that. I think people define themselves too often by how much money is in the bank or how much success they have in their work. That's a part of your life, but that doesn't make up who you are. Liz goes in search for her word throughout her journey and in the end finds it. I had to think long and hard about what my words are. It's kind of morbid how I figured it out but I imagined my funeral (yeah...morbid I know.) and what I would want people to say about me. I would want them to say, "Arielle was always present." "Arielle made the best out of every situation, she was so optimistic." "Arielle was a very loving woman." 
When I interact with others I ask myself, "In this relationship, am I being loyal? Am I uplifting this person and inspiring them? And am I showing them that I care about them and their feelings?" 
Once you have these words, you have a road map! You aren't just wandering about aimlessly, you have direction and you know where to go. 
These words, once repeated on a daily basis, will start to change your thoughts which in turn will change your behaviors. You need to describe the version of your higher self. And strive everyday to live up to those standards. 
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  1. My 6 words are very similar to yours! Haha it took me a while to figure them out but here they are: bright, selfless, present. Inspiring, virtuous, and accepting. I love these posts! They are so great! I hope to win that book. I shared on Facebook :)

  2. What I Want to Be: Aware, Open, and Loving. What I Want People to Say: Supportive, Kind-hearted, and Balanced

    Eat, Pray, Love is a great book! You have taste, girl. ;)

  3. I also shared this on Twitter and Facebook! :D