Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Sizzle to Z Dizzle Yo...

I saw this cutesy blog post thing so I decided to give is a try! It's called A-Z. Not Arizona...though I would be very happy to be there right about friend April just moved there! Hey GURRRRLLL. Ok. Sorry. Got off track for a second...annnyways.

A: Age- 23. 

B: Bed size- uh we sleep in a full size bed...yeah Brody is 6'3 and I'm 5'11...and Taffy magically grows 2 feet taller as soon as she sprawls out on the bed, I will probably cry the day we get a bigger bed.

C: Chore You Hate- DISHES! And putting laundry away.

D: Dogs- um no. Santa forgot to bring me one.

E: Essential Start To Your Day-  I have to go potty....

F: Favorite Color- like an aqua or a minty blue tourquoisey color.

G: Gold or Silver? Rose gold. It's the boss.

H: Height- Please see letter B.

I: Instruments You Play- none. Except sometimes I poke Taffy until she meows angrily at me. Does that count?

                                                            (Heheheh...She's so angry...)
J: Job Title- Nanny, Wanna be SAHB...Stay At Home Blogger.

K: Kids- no. I don't want any right now. Please god give me at least 3 more years of freedom.

L: Love - Brody, my Taffy kitty-witty-wittigens, My mommy, my sister, my Freestone family, my job, Disney movies, all the puppies in the whole entire world, chocolate flavored coffee, chocolate flavored alcohol..etc.etc.etc.

                                                         (She's SOOOO CUUTTTEEE)

M: Married- I better be in 2 years...or someone will be in reallllllllly big trouble.

N: Nicknames - Ari Bugs (Brody) LaLa, Air Bears, Air...Ari Megs...

O: Overnight Hospital Stays- A few when I was younger. 

P: Pet Peeves- People who are in their 30's or 40's and act like they are 17, bad drivers (EVERYONE but me is a bad driver...just fyi...)

Q: Quote- "WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT DO I MEAN?!" Lacey Carruth

                                             (Ladies and Gentlemen....Lacey Carruth)

R: Righty or Lefty- Righty.

S: Siblings- Dawn my sista older, and soon to be brotha in law Chase...I have no idea how old that kid is...

                                                                (Aww...sistewly wuv)

T: Time You Wake Up-'s supposed to be like 7 am...but it's really more like 8 am ...

U: University- let's not go there....

V: Vegetable You Dislike- um beets? Pickles? Brussel Sprouts? Artichokes (although I do enjoy a good artichoke dip).

W: What Makes You Run Late: My hair....and the fact that I sleep in past my alarm waaaaay to often.

X: X-rays you've had- alot. Like more than I can count on both hands. 


Z: Zoo Animal- Elephants, and polar bears, and penguins, and lions, and ALL THE FLUFFIES!!!

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