Saturday, January 5, 2013

What the Hey, Bobby Flay?

I'm enjoying my coffee this morning and I notice something slightly disturbing...I'm sweating...while I'm eating. I feel like Newman from Seinfeld, which does not make a girl feel pretty, even though she has bedhead and no makeup on to begin with. I begin thinking that I am either: a.) going through early menopause, missed my chance of having babies and will die alone as a result of my effed up hormones or b.) somehow gained 500 lbs. overnight and I am the only one who can't see it and now sweat when I eat. I then realize that I am drinking hot coffee, and wearing a hoodie, sweatpants and slippers. 

I shouldn't call it coffee. I should call it: Hot Chocolate with Vanilla, Cinnamon with Enough Coffee so it has a Slight Coffee Taste and Wakes Me Up. If I ever sell the idea to Starbucks, I think they would find a better name for it.

While eating my breakfast of champions, I am watching the Food Network. Which has been on a lot in my house. Usually everyday for at least an hour I flip between HGTV (LOVE Property Brothers, and Love It or List It..I feel so bad for Hillary if someone "lists it", she just busted her ass finishing your basement for you and you're just going to sell it now, pricks!) and either the Cooking Channel or the Food Network. If nothing interesting is on either of those channels, I feel a little lost.

And I actually want to try some of the recipes on these shows. I used to be like "uh there's more than three ingredients and it requires more than 1 pan and actual concentration, never going to happen." But since my mother bestowed upon me the all powerful slow cooker (and we now have a REAL knife set!!), and Brody said I am a "good cook" (his words, not mine) I am willing to try any recipe. Except if it has mustard or pickles in it, then GTFO of my kitchen ya nastay. Unfortunately this new outlook has taken on a life of its own. I frantically try to find scrapes of paper and writing utensils to write down recipes (the other day Giada was making an Italian Breakfast Sausage Bake and I couldn't find a pen, I was really tempted to take the kitchen scissors and cut off my finger and just write the recipe in blood). Thank God someone invented Pinterest and I can just Google the recipe (thank you baby Jesus for Google too) and Pin It to my cute little food board. I also have begun watching these shows like I am watching a sporting event. I get really mad when there's an ingredient we don't have at home or I can never find in my local grocery store. 



My cat won't come near me when she sees me turn on the TV. By the way, Arugula is a type of lettuce. It's more spicy so it is nice in a salad and goes great in a vinaigrette. I wouldn't know though, the only time I found it in a store, it was super expensive (in my world, it costs more than $2). 

But seriously, I have been cooking more this week, than I have in like, the last 6 months. And the realllllly scarey thing is...I've been enjoying it. Cue Minion:

 Or MinionS. Because this is my blog, and I said so. That last one has nothing to do with this post, I just thought it was hilarious...and true.

I also decided to be one of those crazy people who do menu planning. Refer to middle picture again. I have yet to try it but I have my doubts. How do I know what I want to eat on the 5th of next month when it's not the 5th of next month? Usually I get home from work, go on Pinterest, find a recipe that has ingredients that I currently have in my house and looks delicious and make that. But I heard it saves you bundles o' money so I figured I would give it a try. Oh and we are only going to go to grocery shopping once a month. Apparently preparing to go grocery shopping once a month, is like training for a marathon. It takes weeks to prepare for and the day of shopping takes like 5 hours to complete. But again, it supposedly save tons o' money. I'm already a champion of price matching and coupons so that's not new. Brody used to think it took too long and was a pain. But when we went 2 weeks ago we got about 3 weeks of food and the total before price matching was about $120. After price matching: $88. BAM! How do you like dem apples! I actually get a thrill out of price matching and clipping coupons. I feel like I'm sticking it to the man. 

Because of my new addiction to the Food Network, I will be trying a new recipe every month and posting it on my bloggy blog. So make sure you tune in to see if I succeed. 

I am also having my first Giveaway! I need 100 followers on Twitter by Jan.31st. If I get to 100 followers by then I will randomly select a lucky winner to win a $20 Visa Giftcard!!! YAAAAAAY! So make sure you follow me @itsme_arielleb! Good luck my cute lil' readers and have a fantastical Saturday!!!


  1. Food Network had a website that they have all of their recipes on. It's you can even print them!

    1. That's what I did ALL day today, I went on their website and pinned everything to my food board and then spent like 5 hours menu planning for the next month. I wish I could print them out and compile everything in the book but our printer broke last month :(. When we get a new one that will be my next project.