Sunday, January 6, 2013

How Does My Boyfriend Put Up With Me?

Last night I discovered my Pinocchio dvd is missing. I have never been so distraught in my life. Not really. But I was pretty sad. My poor Pinocchio dvd is out there somewhere probably scared and missing me. The only way Brody could console me was to start talking to me about Disneyland. Which helped for a second, but then I started missing Disneyland. I haven't gone in like 4 years! That's a long time considering between the ages of 14 and 19 I went like 3 or 4 times a year. I even had an annual passport because I went so often, it was my 18th birthday present. Best. Birthday. Ever. I told Brody about the time my mom just dropped Lacey, my best friend of 6 years, and I at the gate and said she might be back to pick us up if there was enough Valium in the world to calm her shot nerves. 

Lacey and I in Disneyland is kinda hard to explain. But this is the best way: imagine a 4 year old in Disneyland. Now imagine that 4 year old took a shitload of speed and then went to Disneyland. That's Lacey and I in Disneyland.

                                                      I can't tell you...I just have to show you...

One time we were just waiting for Fantasmic to start and we turned around and noticed like 5 people had their video cameras out recording's that sad...and magical at the same time!

One day Brody and I will go to Disneyland together...and hopefully we will leave together. Because last night I almost put him in a anxiety attack (you know the kind of attacks parents have after their 5 yr old consumes an entire box of Krispie Kremes and the sugar starts setting in?) and I was just talking about Disneyland. The excitement is like a billion times more heightened when I'm actually there. 

Onto other news, yesterday I spent like 80% of my time doing stupid menu planning. Does anyone actually enjoy menu planning? Because I would like to know why. My brain felt like mush afterwards. But I managed to plan out 21 dinners, 15 lunches and 8 breakfasts. Now if any those things actually made is another story. Last night Brody and I made a delicious vegetable chowder. Which you can find the recipe here: 

We were pretty impressed with ourselves, and it turned out really tasty even when Brody tried to add a leeeeeettle more flour he dumped like 1/3 of the bag of flour into the pot and because he didn't mix the flour with water first the flour lumped up and we tried getting all the lumps out. And we didn't have enough milk. But still...SUCCESS!

Today I shall celebrate my time with my beloved Pinocchio dvd by spending the day watching Disney movies. I shall not put on pants or a bra or makeup because it's the weekend bitches and I don't have to.

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