Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'M IN A STORE AND I'M SINGING....or screaming...either one

Has anyone had the issue of, wearing their hair up and after like 5 hours your head is screaming in pain. That is what's happening to me right now. I have one of those cute pinterest buns on my head right now and my scalp feels like it it ready to fall off my head. 
Today...well these past 2 weeks, have been EXCRUCIATING! Not really, but they have definitely taught me that I am not ready to pop babies out into this world yet. And this little girl is not a horrible child to work with. It's just that horrible time of a growth spurt and teething and the world falling apart. 
So today we went grocery shopping. I put her in the cart and about 5 minutes in she starts screaming. Not like cute "I'm having fun" screaming, like "Someone is putting my legs through a meat grinder and it hurts" screaming. I am frantically asking her what's wrong. I'm checking for owie-boos or something that might cause this bun in my head. Nothing. I ask her if she wants to get out of the cart and walk. She immediately stops crying and nods her head yes. Sweet. That is done and over with. I tell her as I take her out of the cart that she just had to ask. I set her down and she slowly lays down....oh no....and put her head back...oh Jesus help me....and begins to cry again. But like loud cries. Loud ear-ringing cries. Loud "everyone look at my poor helpless nanny"cries. So everyone is giving me dirty looks like I am pummeling the crap out of this child. So I just pick her up, grab the diaper bag and bee-line it out of the store. I calm her down in the car. I ask her if she's ready to help me in the grocery store she happily smiles and we head back in. A nice store associate left our cart at the customer service desk, so the two of us, now donning smiles, resume our grocery shopping. I let her walk instead of being in the cart, she begins screaming again after like 5 seconds...I offer her crackers, offer to hold her, offer to put her in the cart, check her diaper, check her temperature (notice they are having a special on Coors Light.....), nothing makes her happy, so we go back out to the car, leaving our items yet again, in the cart. She calms down after 5 minutes of singing The Wheels On The Bus, we head back in the store, everyone staring at us. We are two items away from checkout glory when....she dashes away from the cart heading the opposite direction. I run after her and catch her before she can wreak havoc upon innocent Harmons Customers. I tell her since she decided to run and not stay by Arielle she now has to sit in the cart. Screaming.....screaming......more screaming.....don't these small people have like a time limit on screaming sessions? Finally I give up. We head to the check out. The second she is buckled in her car seat, she is babbling away as happy as can be. What would you do? On one hand, you don't want to teach them that if they cry they'll get whatever they want, but on the other hand, you are annoying every one in the store. I was one of those people who would make nasty comments when I heard children crying while their parents tried to grocery shop. But now i have a new understanding. I can understand maybe leaving the kids behind with the sitter or the other parent and go shopping with out the kids.But I AM the sitter, I could go when she has nap time since her mom works from home, but I usually eat lunch and do the housecleaning at her nap time. Comments would so appreciated! 
Two days left before the weekend. Hopefully they go by a lot better and 3 weeks til our Valentine's Day Vacation YAAAAAAAY! So excited to get out of town for a while and RELAX! 

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  1. Unfortunately I can give you no advice, because I have the same problem. . . maybe we should start a support group.